Thinklum Podcast: "Kids Education Unpacked". The first Episode with a guest from Robobloq.

Thinklum Team are very excited to share the episode of the first “Kids Education Unpacked” Podcast with a guest. We had amazing guest Nicole Wan from Robobloq STEAM Robotics Education company and discussed various topics.

  • what skills kids should be learning to succeed in the future
  • can parents teach robotics at home by themselves and whether online education works
  • the future of the online education as well as online robotics classes and robotics and coding education.
  • insights on what's happening in education space due to the covid-19 and what is the impact on educators and families life around the globe.

 Join us on this podcast and learn how robotics is changing the world.

Below is a short 1-minute extract from the episode. Full episode is available here . Enjoy!

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